The archaeological dig at the coastal site of Su Pallosu in central west Sardinia has revealed the presence of a Late Bronze Age deposit of nuragic pottery in a probably ancient pond behind a sand dune. Most of the ceramic vessels are multi handled little jars with their lids. In this dissertation the author analyses the features of the ceramic archaeological record, in order to find the contextual significange of the deposition. He also compares the types of vessels with the archaeological record from protohistoric Sardinia and Italy in order to provide the site with a precise chronological location in the Late Bronze Age of Sardinia.  He suggests an interpretation of the deposit as a cultual feature.

AUTHOR: Giandaniele Castangia

REFEREE: Alessandro Vanzetti (European Protohistory)

UNIVERSITY: Sapienza Università di Roma. Department of Scienze Storiche, Archeologiche e Antropologiche dell'Antichità.



DEGREE: Laurea Triennale (B.A.)



Further papers on the site of Su Pallosu:

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The papers are available at the profile of the author on Academia.edu, click here to read.