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2 - MALLEGNI, C. - Contatti tra Creta, Cicladi e costa anatolica nel III Millennio A.C.



Analysis of material culture and architectural evidence of the settlements along the Anatolian coast, the islands nearby, Cyclades and Crete led to identify different socio-economic patterns in the Central and Oriental Aegean during the Early Bronze Age. In these areas the sea had been an important scenario of trade and connections between communities, becoming a vehicle of social interaction. A number of observations clearly show the high level of mobility between human settlements and the consequent network of exchanges.

This study aims at analysing the spatial and cronological distribution of particular pottery shapes, such as dépa amphikypella, tankards, sauceboats, frying pans, bell cups, amphorae for trading, etc., and some metal artifacts.

The scope of the study will be mainly focused on the settlements of the Anatolian coast, the islands nearby, Cyclades and Crete.

AUTHOR: Chiara Mallegni

REFEREE: Marcella Frangipane (Prehistory and Protohistory of Ancient Middle and Near East)

UNIVERSITY: Sapienza Università di Roma. Department of Scienze Storiche, Archeologiche e Antropologiche dell'Antichità.



DEGREE: Laurea Triennale (B.A.)