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4 - D'ERRICO, D. - Il trattamento del corpo in alcuni contesti eneolitici italiani



In this paper the author analyses the data on the body treatment from three italian eneolithic cemeteries: Pontecagnano in Campania, Selvicciola in Lazio and Piano Vento in Sicily. He describes the general features of the burial sites paying particular attention to the burial forms, the internal disposition of the ambients inside the tombs and the steps of the funeral ritual. He also utilises the anthropological data available on single individuals and on the presence of animal bones in ritual pits, comparing them to other neolithic burial sites.

AUTHOR: Davide D'Errico

REFEREE: Alberto Cazzella 

UNIVERSITY: Sapienza Università di Roma. Department of Scienze Storiche, Archeologiche e Antropologiche dell'Antichità.



DEGREE: Laurea Triennale (B.A.)