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7 - CASTANGIA, G. - Analisi di alcuni contesti strutturali nell’area meridionale dell’insediamento preistorico e protostorico di Sa Osa (Cabras, OR). Stratigrafia, materiali ceramici, ipotesi funzionali




The dissertation shows the results of a one year study on part of the evidence from the prehistoric settlement of Sa Osa (Cabras, OR, Western Sardinia, Italy).

The archaeological interest of this locale is noteworthy: it testifies a strong continuity in the occupation of the surrounding area, from the Neolithic to the Middle Age.

The data analysed in the paper come from four of the 10X10 southern squares of the excavation area - which extends over about 4900 square meters - and have mostly been dated to the Recent Bronze Age phase.

AUTHOR: Giandaniele Castangia

REFEREES: Alessandro Vanzetti; Alessandro Usai 

UNIVERSITY: Sapienza Università di Roma. Department of Scienze Storiche, Archeologiche e Antropologiche dell'Antichità.



DEGREE: Laurea Specialistica (M.A.)



- The instrument at p. 420 Fig. 7.11 n. 1 is not a whetstone but a mace-head.

- Further papers on the prehistoric settlement of Sa Osa are available at the author's profile on, click here to read.