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23 - PALMERINI, G. - Attività di ricerca e tutela di P.L. Calore tra Ottocento e Novecento

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The dissertation explores and updates the work of the scholar Pier Luigi Calore, who investigated the archaeological landscape of the northern part of the Pescara valley in Abruzzo, Italy, between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. In the first part of the thesis, the author analyses several original papers by Calore, carrying out a proper review of the whole documentation about the archaeological evidence of the region. He reorganises and uses these data - together with more recent stratigraphic indications - to discuss settlement patterns of the territories of Castiglione a Casauria, Pescosansonesco and Torre dei Passeri during the 1st millennium BC with the use of GIS technology.

AUTHOR: Guido Palmerini

REFEREE: Raffaella Papi, Marida de Menna

UNIVERSITY: Università degli Studi di Chieti - Pescara "'G. D'Annunzio". Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia.


DEGREE: Laurea Specialistica (M.A.)