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25 - MOSCONE, D. - Il sito di Chiancarelle (LT): lo sfruttamento dei ciottoli per la produzione di lamelle. Osservazioni tecno-tipologiche e verifica sperimentale



The dissertation discusses the results of a study on the site of Chiancarelle, located on a Pleistocene terrace nearby the Fondi Lake, in West-Central Italy. The formation of this sedimentary complex is related to a lower stand of the Thyrrenian sea during the last ice age.

Techno-typological analysis of the lithic artifacts, collected on the surface of this terrace, has shown similar features with Typical Aurignacian industry of the Fossellone Cave of Monte Circeo, 20 km far from the site. The author, through the use of an experimental protocol, shows the high variability of core reductions of the flint pebbles that were used as raw material in the site and compares them to the other Upper Paleolithic sites of the region.

AUTHOR: Daniele Moscone

REFEREE: Daniela Zampetti

UNIVERSITY: Sapienza Università di Roma. Department of Scienze dell'Antichità. 


DEGREE: Laurea Triennale (B.A.)