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26 - MARTELLOTTA, E. - Analisi sperimentale e tecnologica di un campione di teste di mazza provenienti dall’area del Sinis settentrionale (età nuragica – Sardegna centro-occidentale)



The dissertation shows the results of a study on the experimental reproduction of a specific type of macro-lithic tool, traditionally called testa di mazza, peculiar of the Nuragic phase in Sardinia (17th-9th century BC). The author analysed a sample collected during the Capo Mannu Project in the area of northern Sinis - in the western-central part of the island, in order to reconstruct the sequence of 'technological actions' required to produce new copies of the object. At this point, two experimental copies were realised, documenting the process and especially the micro-traces left on the surface of the instruments, which were used to make comparisons with the archaeological data. 

AUTHOR: Eva Martellotta

REFEREE: Cristina Lemorini

UNIVERSITY: Sapienza Università di Roma. Department of Scienze dell'Antichità. 


DEGREE: Laurea Triennale (B.A.)